Direction Notes:

1) There are 3 Clarksville Roads near us. We are on South Clarksville Road that runs between the village of Clarksville and Sligo. Some GPS systems take you to the Clarksville road by the Clarksville Post Office. You are close but still have about 2 miles to go. Some take you to North Clarksville road which is off Wilmington Road 7 and about 5 miles from us. See map above.

2) South Clarksville Road is named Main Street when it is in the village of Clarksville. So when you come east on State Route 350 from the west, you turn left at the light and it will turn into Clarksville road in about 1/2 a mile.

Directions can be found at Google Maps.

Mailing Address: 2305 S. Clarksville,
Clarksville, Ohio 45113