Lavender Bug Spray

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This bug spray works and is long lasting. It works against both mosquitoes AND biting flies. Yet it is 100% blend of naturally derived ingredients. It works against mosquitoes, flies, fleas and ticks. It is most effective if applied right on the skin and rubbed into it.

All of the ingredients are approved cosmetic ingredients with the fractionated coconut oil being highly recommended for your skin. This product is equally a skin care product as it is a bug spray. You will love it.

4 fluid ounces

Ingredients: Fractionated Coconut Oil, C-8,C-9,C-10 Fatty Acid and EO7 Fragrance( our secret blend of 7 or more essential oils)
This is simply an incredible product. Here is why;

1) Carrier oil is fractionated coconut oil which is fabulous for your skin.

2) It works on both mosquitoes AND biting flies!! I have never had a bug spray that worked on biting flys until I used this.

3) 100% natural ingredients

IF it does not work we will return and we will refund.