Lavender Bar Soap

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We use “cold process” soap making to create our lavender soap. This allows us to develop the perfect blend of botanical oils and essential oils to showcase the aroma and function of lavender.

All the oils are botanically derived and the lather is very thick and creamy, releasing the scent of lavender all over and into your skin. This soap is super gentle and does not dry out your skin. If you are a lavender lover you will be addicted to this soap.

For optimum usage, take soap out of plastic wrapper , put back into purple sachet and tie the sachet closed. This will increase the lather, provide a wonderful scratching sensation over legs and body and you can hang up to dry. It will also make it much easier to use as the bar becomes smaller.

4 oz
Ingredients: Sunflower Seed Oil, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Palm Oil, Essential Oil and Fragrant Oil blend, Shea Butter,Sodium Lactate, Castor Oil, colorant
Why use homemade cold process?

1) It uses the entire oil. This includes using the backbone of the oil, glycerin which is removed in commercial soap making. Glycerin is excellent for skin conditioning.

2) Making your own homemade soap allows you to perfect the right combination of botanical oils and essential oils to achieve your sensory and functional objectives.

3) Allows you to add additional ingredients to achieve the perfect soap for hardness, conditioning and lather.

See youtube video at bottom for a 3 minute overview of what is cold process soap making.

Excellent soap making short Youtube 3 video discussion what cold process soap is , the benefits and how you do it. ( This video is not associated with Onederings, I jus think it was a very good short video of what cold process soap is. )