Self-Guided Tours

 From June 2 through July 8- Fridays and Saturdays, during normal hours of business, you are welcome to visit us and take a self guided tour of our lavender fields and herb gardens.  You can pick herbs or mints  for free for your personal use and there is access to water, and several picnic tables.   Additionally there is one inside bathroom and one outside handicap port-o-let. No charge

There is a board walk that lets even the physically challenged get close to the lavender field and a handicap ramp to get into the cottage.

Group Tours
(12 to 50)

Call and arrange group tours which are available in June on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. These are included in the plate and tea lunch and include a presentation/question and answer followed by a self guided tour of the farm. There are marked stops along the tour with descriptions, fun facts and other information. Plastic bags and scissors are available for collecting herbs and mints. All herbs and mints you collect are free. Lavender cost by the oz or pound as listed.

Call Kim Benz at 937-725-0830 or Amy Farr at 937-728-9987 for group tours