About US and our Farm

We are a small lavender farm in southwest Ohio.  We are located in the far southwest part of Clinton County, about 1 mile from the Warren County line.  The lavender farm is set on 5 acres which sits in the very front of our Trillium Hills Tree Farm.    The compound as we like to call it has 4 homes situated on it , with one of them being used exclusively to process the lavender from the fields, make our products and provide a small store for when our farm is open in June and July.

History;  Trillium Hills Tree Farm , which is 110 acres, was purchased in late 1983 by three sisters and  their three spouses.   Both the sisters and their husbands were all either chemical or mechanical engineers  and had challenging careers within the Cincinnati/Dayton area.   These three families built homes on the tree farm, raised their respective families and eventually brought their aging mother out there too and build a 4th home which now serves as the lavender business residence.  

Trillium Hill is home to some splendid hardwood and wonderful flowers, ferns and other botanicals.  It was very important to the sisters to protect this area , particularly from invasive species such as the honeysuckle bush,  bittersweet vine, hemlock, multiflora rose and garlic mustard.   

Two of the sisters (Amy and Kim ) retired in the early 2000's to finish raising their children and take care of their disabled mother.  When their mother died , they turned to something that could help them through their grief.  They were life long gardeners and had just been to the Pacific Northwest to see the large lavender farms there.   There mother had begun planting lavender near her small home and it had done surprisingly well.  Thus Amy and Kim decided to just start planting lavender with a vague notion of " if we plant it they will come"

After that it was natural for Amy and Kim to begin making lavender products.   Both of them had spend their career in Procter & Gambles Research and Development.  Amy had been in the skin care formulation and process area.   Thus she began making her own lavender home and skin care products.

We welcome people to visit our farm.  We are willing to share our knowledge in growing, caring and processing lavender.   We are also willing to coach or share knowledge in general product development or small business considerations   

So come visit , relax and if you have something you would like to ask that is what we are there for. The only thing that is confidential to us is our formulas and suppliers.