Visit our Ohio Lavender Farm

The June/July French and English lavender bloom is complete.   We have plenty of dried lavender and fresh herbs but our lavender fields are in a down phase until late August.   Sometime in late August the English lavender will begin to bloom again and go until the first frost.  When we see this happening we will put open hours and reservations/tickets back on the site.  However if you had a ticket at any time during June and July and want to re-visit, you do not need a new ticket.  You just need to contact me via email or phone and arrange when you would like to visit.  As much as possible we are trying to open our fields for people to get out, walk around and picnic.  
Reservation Tickets:  We want to keep the number of people at our farm at any one time to about 15.  To do that we will ask people to get a reservation ticket.  These tickets are $5 but you can use use the $5 for any purchase in our shop of $20 or more.  Also we are not charging for children 12 and under.  We have flex in the 15 number of tickets to allow for children and the unexpected guest.  You do not need a ticket for children.  

The reservation tickets are set up for morning and evening sessions.  I am adding more days and sessions as I see the lavender develop and the sessions fill up.   If you have a special need for a different day please contact me at   

Food and Drink: You may bring food or drink and use the outdoor tables and chairs around the lavender field for a picnic. We will see if we can put up 2 canopies for people to use also but ask only one group use them at a time.   We do not feel comfortable serving food or drink ourselves because we must concentrate on keeping the inside clean and having people come inside for them.    

U-pick Lavender will be available.  You can also get fresh lavender picked for you to pick up.  The cost is the same at $25 per pound or $1.56 per ounce.  The advantage of picking it yourself is that you can select the stem length while pre-picked are all size of stems. See here for more information on fresh lavender.  You may pre-order picked lavender for pick-up. Just email or call us for when you want to pick it up.

Shop and Restrooms; Our shop and indoor bathrooms will be open for our visitors.  However masks will be required to enter the cottage either to use the restrooms or visit the shop.  We will be thoroughly sanitizing after each session.  During the session we will be regularly wiping down surfaces.  If you have children that cannot wear masks don't worry we will figure something out,    

Mask policy and Physical Distancing:  You do not need to wear masks in our field.  Among your group you choose your physical distance from each other.  However masks are required for entry into our cottage for either our shop or our restrooms.  Additionally we ask that you maintain a 6 ft distance between yourself and other people who are not part of your group. 

Other:  If you have special requests for times open or other please contact us at  


We have cancelled all of our farmers markets at this time but will evaluate as the summer comes and the markets open up by the state.  For all our regional customers there is FREE SHIPPING.

We live on our farm and thus are still making and shipping our products.  You can still order our products and all of our regional customers will get free shipping.  

Onederings Lavender Farm (2195 S Clarksville Rd, Clarksville Ohio 45113)

Contact Kim Benz at 937 725 0830 or Amy Farr at 937 728 9987 for more information and scheduling for 2019
or send note to