Visit our Ohio Lavender Farm

Farm Visit

 We are open on Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 10 am to 2 pm from June 3 to July 10.  See the calendar below (go to June or July calendar)  and select the times you want, how many tickets and pay online.  Just bring the confirmation letter with you or just tell us the name of the person who bought the tickets.  

 If you cannot make any of these dates or have a larger group then the tickets will allow please contact me at onederings@yahoo or by phone or text at 937 725 0830.  

Please note children under 12 are free and do not need a ticket.  

If you are a photographer, artist or just want to do formal pictures please contact us directly through email (   The best lighting for this is in the evening and we will set a time for you to do this.   However it is unlikely that the store will be open and you will need to work around our normal lavender farming work and we may not even be at the farm.   Please be aware we do not manage our lavender field for photographing but rather for its production so we do not promise a particular look as we try to harvest quickly as it is ready.  However we have had many people be successful in obtaining good lavender photos with a bit of creativity.   We do not charge for this but will accept donations.   


Wreath Making  ( 8 inch base and about10-11 inch dried wreath)

We have a series of wreath making classes that are held in the evening over the month of June.  See the calendar below for these dates and times.   In the first half of June these classes will be using English lavender to make the wreaths and in the later half of June we will be using French lavender to make the wreaths. When you follow the calendar it will show which is which.  The cost is exactly the same at $35.  These will be held in the evening and you are welcome to bring food and drink while you are making the wreaths.  This is a lot of fun.  

   Below I describe the differences between the French and English wreaths.  

A) English lavender Wreath-( 8 inch base and about10-11 inch dried wreath)

This wreath will be smaller in diameter but with a stronger vivid blue color.   It has a sweeter and lighter lavender fragrance and the individual lavender stems look more flower like.  The stems are more narrow and you will need to gather more in each bundle.  We will give you about 1.5 pounds to work with to make your 8 inch wreath.   Below are some pictures of what some of the past English lavender wreaths looked like that I made.  Please note most of these wreaths are bigger then 8 inches but you can see the color and texture of the wreath.  The wreath around the candle is a 6 inch wreath.  The others are 12-14 inch wreaths.  The picture below is a dried English lavender wreath.  When it is fresh it is a classic lavender purple.  

 B) French lavender wreath ( 8 inch base and about 11-12 inch dried wreath)

The French lavender wreath is a larger and more free flowing wreath.  It is your classic lavender wreath seen in pictures.  The stems are bigger and there are more buds on each stem.  The fragrance is stronger and has a bit more biting undertones to it as 25-30% of its essential oil is camphor oil.  This lavender fragrance is what is most used in perfumes.  As the wreath dries the color will be a muted blue to sliver grey depending on the variety of French lavender.   

This is a fresh French lavender wreath.  As it ages the color will turn a more silver color.  

We are holding these wreath making classes in the evening because they are outdoors and there is more shade and cooler temperatures in the early evening.  If you cannot make the evening, send me a email or give me a call to see if we can arrange it during one of our open hours, Thursday-Saturday 10-2 during June.   

If it rains we will set a rain date.  Or if you like you can pick up all that you need to make the wreath and get an abbreviated instructions so that you can make it at home.   


Onederings Lavender Farm,

2195 S Clarksville Rd, Clarksville Ohio 45113



If it rains or you need a change of dates, please email us.   We will do everything we can to accommodate this.