Here are a number of links that will take you to information and advice on how to grow, harvest and use lavender.  These articles are based on my experience in applying the advice information I have obtained from experts, books and our own life lessons over the past decade in growing lavender in southwest Ohio.  I mention the location because it is important to consider the plant hardiness zone you are in as well as the amount of rain you get each year.  Growing lavender where I live is very different then growing lavender in Texas or Washington.  

A) General Information on Lavender

1) Families of Lavender (English vs French) 

2) What is Lavender Essential Oil

B) Growing Lavender in the Midwest:  

1) How to Grow Lavender Checklist

2) When and How to Trim Lavender Plants

3) How to Propagate Lavender ( coming )

4) Where to buy Lavender Plants

5) Propagation of Lavender

   a) English Lavender via suckers ( )

6) Growing Lavender in Containers

IC) Cooking with Lavender 

1) Intro

2) Processing Lavender for Culinary Lavende

3) Lavender Recipes

    Lavender Lemonade

    Making Lavender Lemonade Video (please note that this video shows using 3 tablespoons of dried lavender to make 1/2 gallon of lemonade.   I would suggest starting off with 1 tablespoon and checking how you like the strength.  If you want stronger increase it or if you want less strong decrease it.)

    Lavender Martini

    Queen Bee 

    Lavender Herb Butter

    Lavender Shortbread Cookies

   Lavender-Rosemary Roast Pork

   Lavender Quick Bread

  D) External Links 

  1)  Wikifarmer-Lavender

  2) Introduction to Commercial Lavender Production 

  3) Lavender Production in Massachusetts