Lavender Gift Basket - Lotion Option
Lavender Gift Basket - Lotion Option
Lavender Gift Basket - Lotion Option

Lavender Gift Basket - Lotion Option

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Our gift baskets come in two sizes.  To see the home care size tap on the box that shows the Travel size and the home care size will pop up.

Our Lavender Gift Baskets are a perfect gift for yourself, and/or for your lavender lovers at Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother's Day, Get Well Wishes, Birthdays and/orJust Because Day’s! All our products are handmade on our farm using the finest, natural ingredients (olive oil, shea butter, aloe, lavender, coconut oil and more). 

Our combined fifty years of science background, product development and experience allows us to create complex products that deliver on what they promise.  We believe our lavender products are the best, lavender skin and home care products on the market! As part of our commitment to create natural and gentle products, our products are paraben free, EDTA free and sulfate free.  

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Free Shipping anywhere in the United States. Gift Baskets are delivered in white, shipping boxes.

Gift Basket includes:

1) LAVENDER FACIAL NIGHT CREAM (Travel size- 1 oz, Home Care size- 2 oz), --For restful sleep and beautifully moisturized skin use this rich cream with Aloe and Shea Butter on your face, neck, legs or arms 20 minutes before bedtime for a more restful sleep.


3) LAVENDER SPRAY-(Both sizes 1 ounce)- This spray has 8% blend of English and French Lavender essential oil for a in a light non-drying spray. This spray is perfect for spraying on your pillow at night, or on yourself after a shower or bath. 

4) LAVENDER SACHET- (travel size - mini sachet) High quality French lavender

5) CULINARY LAVENDER (2 tablespoons) and Recipes:  Make lavender lemonade, cookies, lavender martini.


7) LAVENDER ESSENTIAL OIL ROLL-ON- Home Care size ONLY-.35 oz- This is 18 % lavender essential oil in a jojoba oil.

8) LAVENDER SOY CANDLE- (travel size- tea candle, home care size- votive candle size)  Made with soy wax and lavender essential oil

9) LAVENDER COLD PROCESS SOAP- (travel size- 2 oz, home care size- 4 oz) Real soap with lavender essential oil in a sachet.  You can take the soap out and use it or leave it in the sachet for and use it for exfoliation. (This is the twice the size of a typical hotel bar of soap)



11) HAND & BODY LOTION OPTION-Lavender hand and body lotion (Travel size-2.7 oz, Home Care size-8 oz).  Superb, long lasting moisturization which is not greasy. Very addictive.  I cannot use another hand lotion; it goes everywhere I go.

Ships in a white shipping box that will be easy to wrap and we ship for free and include a note if requested. 

Free Next Day Shipping: We process the order in 1 day and ship priority which is 2-3 days. So this means about a 3-4 day arrival from when you order. US only. If you are outside the country or want faster shipping, please email